Youth Mission Yard Sale Sign-ups

Michele Moir

August 6, 2019

Save your good items and bring to sale on Thursday, September 5.


Wednesday, Sept 4 we need:

  • helpers with strong backs-load items at storage (8-10am)
  • helpers to unload at the church and start pricing

Thursday, Sept. 5 we need:

  • Pick-up trucks and drivers
  • Helpers with strong backs to load items (8am-3pm)
  • Area set-up people
  • People who can price items
  • Helpers to provide food for the workers Thurs/Fri/Sat

Friday, Sept. 6 we need:

  • Workers: AM shift - 7:45am-12:15pm
  • Workers: PM shift - 11:45pm-4:15pm
  • Workers: late PM shift - 3:30pm-6:30pm

Saturday, Sept. 7 we need:

  • Workers 7:45am -11:45pm
  • Workers 11:45am - 3:45pm (includes tear down/clean-up and put away...may include taking items back to storage)
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