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Lifelines is network of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), which is an interdenominational Christian ministry with a presence on more than 1,100 college campuses in the United States. Our purpose is to use the outdoors to help people grow in relationship with God, in relationships with each other, in character and in leadership. Our main audience is college students, although we also serve high school students, faculty, and fellow Cru staff members.

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Scott Matson

Director of Mission

Scott was born in Washington and grew up in Minnesota before moving to Oregon at the ripe old age of eight. He graduated from Southern Oregon University in 2010 with his B.A. in Spanish. In May, 2020, he received his Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Multnomah Seminary and is currently working on ordination. He and his wife Meridith married in 2017 and recently welcomed their first child, a beautiful daughter. Scott loves drumming, scuba diving, languages, and church history.