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Music and worship are closely connected at Jacksonville Presbyterian Church and each service intentionally uses music as a tool to help us worship God more fully. An important component of the musical worship at Jacksonville Presbyterian Church is reflected in the multigenerational community that attends the services.

As we give praise in song, careful consideration is given to provide music that connects with each group reflected in the congregation. We may sing a few hymns, an “oldie” praise song and then a current expression of worship. As a community of believers, we seek to honor and respect the worship preferences of each generation as we give praise and adoration to our Lord and Savior.

Coupled with our multigenerational approach to music, we try to give special attention to the visual and volume aspects of the service. Our stage tries to reflect the theme of the teachings we are hearing and careful consideration is given to the volume of the music at church. We also have hearing aid devices available for those who may need assistance in hearing our service.

One of the most important aspects of worship at Jacksonville Presbyterian Church is our desire to involve as many people as possible in leading the congregation. There are a number of ways that people can participate in worship. You may wish to join the choir, participate on the music team, help support the technology of the service or even assist in decorating our stage. If you would like more information on any of these areas, please visit our contact page.

Worship & Arts Staff

TJ Todd
TJ Todd
Director of Technology
John Humpton
John Humpton
Sound Engineer
Doug Hanson
Doug Hanson
Director of Worship Arts

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