Small Groups
Following Jesus is something we do as community and through community. Although this pushes against the grain of our rugged individualism, following Jesus means being a part of God's new community, the church. Jesus said, "By this, all people will know that you are my disciples, if you love another."

Small Groups, then, are simply groups of around 10-25 people who meet together to study God's Word, love each other, and pray for each other. Some small groups meet at our church facility, and some groups meet in homes. Some focus primarily on studying a specific book of the Bible, and others focus on reaching unchurched people.

Wherever you are with your walk with the Lord, find your group. Live in community. Seek the life of Jesus in the community of Jesus.

If you want to get plugged in, come to a group on the right or email Pastor Richard, who would love to help you get plugged in.
Our groups are designed for all ages and stages. These take place on Sundays between our 2 worship services and offer different topics including Parenting, Leadership, Ministry and Missionary updates and studies of scripture. We encourage questions and discussion leading to learning and growing as followers of Christ

New groups will begin January 12, 2020 and meet from 9:45 - 10:30am
Where Faith and Culture Meet led by Kenne Horton (church elder), open to all, Church office
That the World May Know led by Fred & Kathy Crabtree, open to all, room 103
Discovery Class led by Pastors Dustin & Richard, open to all, room 102

COMMUNITY GROUPS - Beginning January 2020
These small groups (10-12 people) will meet in homes twice a month (every other week) from January through May, usually on Sundays from 5 - 7pm.
Most groups will go through a study of
The Gospel-Centered Life.
Jernigans & Morris’ - Jacksonville, Sundays, all ages.    
Kirms - East Medford, Wednesdays from 6-8pm, all ages.    
Kynsis - Ruch/Applegate, Sundays, all ages.    
Evans & Smith - West Medford, Sundays, 20s & 30s.    
Pulliams & Taylers - Just outside Jacksonville, Sundays, young families.

ACTS 2 GROUPS - Beginning January 2020
These small groups (7 - 8 people) will meet in homes twice a month, but just from January through February. These groups will be primarily focused on building relationships and eating dinner together.

If you would like to find out more about the life and vision of our church, and possibly becoming a member, then the Discovery Class is for you. It is a fun and informative time with the pastors!
Starting January 12, 2020 during CONNECT on Sunday mornings from 9:45 - 10:30 am

Other Opportunities
Prayer Shawl Ministry  - Once a month Sunday after worship as announced
Mom’s Book Group - Mondays @ 9:30am in the CE building
Women Praying for Adult Children - Mondays @ 7:00pm (call the church for info)
Grief Share Care Group - Mondays @ 5:30pm continues in January 2020
Holy Yoga - Mondays @ 5:00pm in the CE building
Sewing Group - Wednesdays @ 9:30am in the CE building
Sanctuary Choir - Wednesdays practice @ 7:00pm in the sanctuary
Men’s Prayer Breakfast - 2nd Saturday of each month (September - May) @ 8:30am in the sanctuary 

Prayer Groups

Although all of our small groups include and rely on prayer, we have a number of groups devoted to prayer. These meet throughout the week at various times and locations. Some focus on specific needs such as the church, mothers and children or prayer requests from the church family. Other groups meet and respond to how God Leads. We also have a Prayer Chain available 24 hours a day for immediate confidential prayer.
Dustin Jernigan
Lead Pastor
Richard Evans
Associate Pastor