The Deacons are the hands and feet of the church serving Jesus.  We do a lot of little things behind the scenes as well as organizing larger ministries.

Jacksonville Presbyterian Church currently hosts a board of 18 Deacons.  Deacons serve a three-year term on a rotating basis where 1/3 of the deacon positions come up for nomination/re-election each year.  Deacons are limited to 2 consecutive terms on the board, this allows for fresh ideas and helps prevent burnout from happening.

The Board of Deacons currently has 4 leadership positions that are voted in by its members annually.  Those positions are:  Moderator, Assistant Moderator, Recording Clerk, and Treasurer.

The Deacons serve the body of Christ in 3 main ways:

  1. Taking care of personal/physical needs of individuals within our church body.
  2. Facilitating opportunities for ministry by the body.
  3. Fulfilling tasks as assigned by the Session.

Examples of how Deacons serve in these 3 ways (Not an exhaustive list):

Taking care of personal/physical needs of individuals within our church body

  • Meals Ministry:  Provide meals for families/individuals experiencing tragedy or birth/pregnancy.
  • Memorials:  Coordinate hospitality at memorial services held at the church.  Refreshments, set-up, decorating and serving at reception.
  • Gifts from Home: Organize and ship gift packages to our college students/military personnel
  • Correspondence:  Send out birthday, anniversary, sympathy, get well, and thank-you cards to the congregation.
  • Visitation: Visit and pray with those who are in need.
  • Benevolence Fund: Provide financial assistance to those in need.

 If you have a Request for meals, visitation, or financial assistance please contact the deacons via our contact us page.   

Facilitating opportunities for ministry by the body

  • Christmas Baskets: Organize food/gifts to be delivered by the body to needy families in the community who are in need of Christ.
  • Fellowship Tables:  Organize beverages and snacks for the worship services

Fulfilling tasks as assigned by the Session

  • Communion:  Responsible for providing the elements, set-up/clean-up of trays and cups.
  • Decorations:  Holidays, Liturgical Cross Colors.
  • Multi-Purpose Room Care: Organize and stock seat backs with supplies, fill and care for Candles.
  • New Member’s Class Representative: Share with new members what the deacons are responsible for as well as opportunities to get involved.