Great Friends and Early Mornings in Honduras

From Amber….
Got to hang out with Xiomara Villanueva’s family and see my favorite boys. Aaron is now 10 years old. I first met him when he was just 1 years old. His brother Caleb has also gotten so big! Great laughs and they even got us coke to drink.
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Early morning fun with the nurses. Got called at 0400! Really? I’m so not a day shift nurse!
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Another Update from Honduras

From Amber
Few pictures so far for today. Got called in for del parto (labor and delivery) at 0200 patient early labor, evaluate and prepare to head back to bed, the guard house calls….another patient. Evaluate, call Dr plan for early am delivery by cesarean. Go to bed for 1 hour. Rested but couldn’t sleep. Back to hospital. Deliver patient. Evaluate 2 more patients. My new nurse friend Elizabeth Martin I’m teaching says, I heard when ever your here things happen. I laughed and said that’s only rumor. Boys working hard. I’m off for a nap.

Work day #1 in Honduras.

Update from the Honduras Team written by Amber
Unfortunately I was so busy that I didn’t get any pictures. I had a pregnant patient that I was laboring all day that ended in a cesarean section. Healthy happy mom and babe. I’m on call 24/7 with my radio. Richard and Peter welded tresses for the new kitchen at the children’s center. I’ll try to actually take pictures tomorrow. Off to bed.

First couple of days in Honduras Fall Trip 2016

The following was sent from the team and written by Amber.
We have arrived safe and all our 6 bags of supplies too. Very long day. Takes at least 24 hours. We had some rain on the way so had to stop to put a tarp over our bags. Church in Margarita. Always great to see our friends. Pray for the missionary families. Tough day today. Yummy dinner up at the Fields. So miss Marinajo Fields. Organized some of the supplies that the missionaries asked us to bring. Tomorrow Richard Shields And Peter will be starting on true project. There are more construction projects going than I have ever seen. Sound like they will be welding. I will be teaching L&D to another nurse, and sounds like inducing a patient. Will post as we go.
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Honduras Team One Travels

Last night team one, comprising Richard and Amber Shields and Peter Yeager left on their journey to Honduras. An eventful check in at Medford airport, including a misplaced item, last minute zip ties and reunions was followed by 3 on time flights and safe arrivals in Honduras!!
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Honduras Packing Party 2016

Here are some photos and one funny video of the packing party from last night. Group 1 leave on Friday (September 23)

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Pledge Drive Video



Honduras Team Prayed Over

Some of this year’s Honduras Mission team were prayed over this past Sunday September 18.
3 members of the team leave this Friday September 23 and the other 5 are leaving on Friday September 30.

img_5789 img_5788 img_5787