Deacon’s Minute for Ministry Video Christmas 2016

Here is the Deacon’s video for the Christmas gifts for Foster Families 2016

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Honduras 2016 Presentation Video

Check out the Video Presentation of the 2016 Honduras Mission trip

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Thursday/Jueves 6 Octubre 2016 by Peter

We’ve come to our last full day here at the Hospital It seems our time has flown!
When we arrived at the work site, Mike, Richard Evans, Richard Shields and I discovered the dining room floor had been completed the night before.
Complete with swirling colors.
At the end of the day before, we had pulled the main electric supply cables through large conduits to the meter box. They didn’t quite reach …
Mike and I ran conduits in the laundry room of the new addition at the Children’s Center.
Richard Shields, with Richard Evans’ assistance, had the unenviable task of cutting breaks into the newly poured floor. Richard did a neat job.
dscn1768_resize dscn1773_resize
While Mike and Richard went back to the bodega, Richard Evans and I had a chance to get some photos around the Children’s Center. Workers and the house where Iain and Liz live…
dscn1776_resize dscn1777_resize
… and others.
dscn1781_resize dscn1783_resize dscn1784_resize
Mike recruited a couple of the young masons up on scaffolds to install the final sections of channel near the roof in the laundry room.
dscn1788_resize dscn1789_resize
One of the seasoned masons, Ishmael, agreed to my taking photos of him plying his trade.
dscn1791_resize dscn1793_resize
Cows are a common sight along the road between the Children’s Center and the Hospital.

In the afternoon, I went to the hospital at Dr. Richard Owens’ request, to help restock and organize surgical screws.

Beth prepared food for Thursday Night Fellowship. Iain and Liz Mackenzie of the Children’s Center, Mike and Peggy Yost, young people, and many others of the community gathered.
dscn1794_resize dscn1795_resize dscn1796_resize
Pastor Richard Evans preached. Pastor Richard and Deacon Richard Shields served communion. Lucy, Rebecca and Antony led us in worship.

The words were in Spanish, but the language of praise and worship with music is universal. We closed in prayer. Prayers lifted in both Spanish and English. Then shared the hearty meal of American and Honduran cuisine awaiting us. A fitting way to spend our final evening with this precious cross-cultural community of saints.

After the fellowship, Jeff and Roseann McKenney had the team over to their place for dessert. Jeff, still in his scrubs from surgeries today, told me the story of how he happened to start the Hospital Loma de Luz mission.

From his youth, Jeff McKenney sensed God’s call to be a medical missionary, to start a medical mission. He said that when, through a series of steps, “coincidences,” he found himself in this particular place, when there was nothing much here in Belfate, Honduras, that he looked around and the setting was like those he had seen in dreams many years earlier.

As we read in Acts 2, Joel, the old testament prophet, said that in the latter days, when God’s Holy Spirit had come, that young men would see visions and older men would dream dreams.

We thank God for a young man who acted on and saw to fulfillment the visions and the dreams God gave him. The dream that became this bustling mission hospital compound called Hospital Loma de Luz – hill of light. Many have been blessed to serve and to be healed in this place, in this dream come true, where the love of God, though Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit are as palpably present as the monkeys in the jungle and the palms and the sweet spirit of the native Hondurans we have been blessed to meet and work alongside.

Wednesday/Miercoles 5 Octubre 2016 by Peter

Today was Ben’s 15th birthday.
After breakfast, Mike picked up Richard Shields, Richard Evans and me and took us to the Children’s Center. I discovered the “Manaca” thatched palm leaf roof had been completed!
dscn1742_resize dscn1743_resize
The local workers were mixing concrete and pouring the floors for the new dining area.
dscn1749_resize dscn1750_resizedscn1748_resize
We ran electric wires to the new kitchen. Then we wired two rows of fluorescent lighting boxes for the kitchen, a total of eight in all. Mike and Richard Shields did the technical installations, including running conduit for wires between the boxes. Richard Evans and I helped keep the project moving along by delivering out- of-reach tools and supplies as needed!
Conduit was ½ inch PVC pipe heated in a converted electric kitchen cooker for bending around curves and opening ends for connections. Mike is a brilliant innovator!
Hondurans finished pouring the concrete floors in the large dining area.
The Honduran artisans then colored the concrete floors in the dining area by sprinkling powder on the wet concrete …
dscn1754_resize dscn1755_resize
…. Then. with finishing trowels, they swirled the colors into a lively bold design.
dscn1757_resize dscn1758_resize
That evening, we had a birthday party for Ben. Beth made meat loaf and cheesy potatoes – a couple of Ben’s favorites – baked beans, and Asian slaw, and fixed two chocolate devil’s food birthday cakes with home made butter crème and cream cheese icings.
dscn1759_resize dscn1760_resize
Ben opened presents.
dscn1762_resize dscn1764_resize
Hondurans have a birthday tradition of cracking raw eggs on the birthday person’s head. John , son of one of the full-time missionary doctors at the hospital, and his two younger brothers, ambushed Ben, with limited success, as the 15-year old had quick reflexes and survived the first attack relatively unscathed, with only some wet egg on his left shoulder.

One of the brothers had distracted Ben, then John snuck up from the other side and whacked a raw egg on Ben’s head. But it failed to break. More attacks followed and it did get messier.

Tuesday/Martes 4 Octubre 2016 by Peter

This Morning Mario and I met at 5:50 am and crossed the bridges to join Dave Fields and Mike Yost at the weekly Tuesday 6 am men’s prayer meeting. Together we shared then lifted to the Lord numerous requests from needs of friends and family to the various construction projects and the never-ending list of management details Dave is handling, to the medical staff at the hospital and the patients. Sweet time of prayer.

Again, I realized how absolutely necessary it is to take things to the Lord in prayer. We gave ourselves totally to prayer and acknowledged our dependence on God’s grace. We gave the glory to God for all that happens at the Hospital Loma de Luz mission. He refreshed our spirits and equipped us for the tasks before us.

Dave said he had some work for me. So, after breakfast and devotions, I helped Beth clean up then reported to Dave’s office. My task was to input data on all pharmacy inventory, updating current supplies on hand in accordance with the new electronic medical record keeping codes. This task took the bulk of my day.
In the afternoon, I also helped Amber take more supplies to the hospital.

As I know she has been reporting, Amber has been quite busy. Several times she has been called in the middle of the night with arrivals of women in labor. Situations have varied from Braxton-Hicks false starts, to breach birth emergency and c-sections. She has also been teaching labor and delivery room staff.

It has been an inspiration to see Amber here in her element. She is valued and gives herself fully every hour she is here, ministering to mothers and babies in need, as well as renewing friendships with other medical staff and befriending new mission nurses and doctors. A shining light.

Monday/Lunes 3 Octubre 2016 by Peter

The second work week began with Beth’s hot breakfast of hash brown potatoes, eggs, bacon, peppers, onions and mushrooms. Granola and other cereals, papaya with lime juice, yogurt and coffee were also ready and waiting.

Pastor Richard led devotions, praying through the first 10 verses of Psalm 51. Also, as we have been doing daily, we prayed for one another’s requests.

The medical team reported to the hospital. The construction crew – Richard S., Richard E., and I walked over the bridges to the bodega, where Mike Yost picked us up and, after gathering needed supplies, took us over to the Children’s Center.

The two Richards installed a manifold for the water supply to the new kitchen addition/laundry area.
I helped Mike with extending water lines and electric conduits in preparation for the pouring of the concrete floors.
All morning around us the local workers added each successive overlapping layer of palm leaves (“manaca”) for the thatch roof. The thatching part had begun over the weekend.
dscn1723_resize dscn1725_resize dscn1729_resize dscn1730_resize
Also, skilled cement finishers applied a smooth layer to the poured concrete walls and the sills of the balustrades.
After lunch, I helped Amber move the medical supplies we had brought to the hospital. As she picked up a duffel, she brushed away something crawling on her arm: a scorpion!! … which she quickly stomped.
dscn1732_resize dscn1733_resize
After working in the sun and heat all morning, again I was advised and felt the need not to return to work at the Children’s Center. Shower. Rest. Laundry. And helping Beth a bit set up for supper.
I do not know what kind of trees are growing behind the staff housing. They looked good in the afternoon sun. I do not think I have seen this tree in Oregon.
dscn1734_resize dscn1735_resize dscn1736_resize dscn1737_resize
Several, including Mike and Peggy Yost, joined us for dinner Monday night.
dscn1738_resize dscn1739_resize

Sunday/Domingo 2 Octubre 2016 by Peter

Church at Margarita again. Caught a nice breeze riding with Mario, Dr. Richard, and Amber in the bed of the pick up loaned to us by Dave, as Richard S. drove and others were in the cab.

Again, a wonderful and blessed time of lifting songs to our Lord in Espanol. Lucy led worship. (She also does pastoral care at the hospital.) I marveled how God receives and welcomes worship and praise in so many languages throughout the world.

This week Christy did the announcements and introductions in Spanish.

After the children were dismissed, Pastor Denis came up to preach. Before starting his sermon, Pastor Denis asked whether we understood all he was saying. Our team, which was almost half the congregation this week, understood some, little or no Spanish. So, Christy translated the sermon for us. Christy is an American missionary here and her son, Antony, 13, translates at the hospital. Here’s Christy and her family. (Antony is the older boy.)

Denis’ sermon was on worshipping God in spirit and in truth, as Jesus explained to the woman at the well in John 4. With His coming, the question was no longer where one worshipped, but how and Whom we worship. Jesus showed us not only how to worship, but as God the Son, He is also Whom we worship. Jesus predicted the temple would be destroyed, but He would raise it again after three days. The resurrected Body of Jesus Christ replaced the temple as the context and object of our worship.

Pastor Denis drew from several texts in Matthew as well as the Gospel of John to teach us what Jesus meant by worshipping in Spirit and Truth. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, as He told us. John 14:6. Worship and service are connected. We can serve only one Master. We cannot serve God and money.

A rich time of informal fellowship, photos, meeting and introducing around, followed church.
dscn1685_resize dscn1688_resize dscn1689_resize dscn1690_resize

After lunch, the Team went out to a water fall to swim. Along the way, we picked up Anael, Raul, Bayron and a group of children we had seen at church. They filled the bed of the pick-up to overflowing to say the least!

At the water fall, there was a large pool for swimming. We had this lovely swimming hole almost all to ourselves. Most climbed up along the rocks to ledges for jumping and diving. Swimming up to the base of the falls against the strong current was an exhilarating challenge many enjoyed. We spent a couple hours enjoying this cool refreshing break from the heat and humidity.
dscn1694_resize dscn1695_resize dscn1696_resize dscn1699_resize dscn1703_resize dscn1705_resize dscn1707_resize dscn1708_resize

On returning, Beth went straight to the kitchen and fixed us all a delicious dinner of pork chops and potatoes, with mushroom, onions and peppers in cream sauce.

Saturday/Sabado 1 Octubre 2016 by Peter

This morning I had another rich devotional time with Richard. We shared Bible verses which struck us this week. Mine was simply “Pray without ceasing.” I Thes. 5:17. A reminder of how vital to life is our constant communion with God by prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
Richard reported that all the trusses were up at the Children’s Center, but additional pieces were needed. We went out there and I got photos.
dscn1675_resize dscn1676_resize

Mike met us and we returned to the bodega to make needed pieces. I cut some rebar and used the drill press to make holes in angle iron.

Mike and Richard took the added pieces to the Children’s Center to install. I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon working on and organizing photos for blog, e-mailing my wife and doing laundry.
Around 5:30, the rest of the JPC team arrived. A blessed reunion.
They had picked up pizza for our dinner; and, of course, had a lot to unload. Among the arriving team members, experience levels varied from those who have been here many times (Dr. Richard Owens, Orthopedic Surgeon, and Pastor Richard Evans, Pastoral Care), those who have been here at least once or twice (Beth Zerkel, Team Cook, and Mario DiMambro, X-ray Tech) and one here for the first time (Dan Kahn, Anesthesiologist).
dscn1679_resize dscn1680_resize dscn1681_resize

Friday/Viernes 30 Septiembre 2016 By Peter

The day was spent entirely travelling to La Ceiba for grocery shopping for the next week in anticipation of and to stock the shelves for the arrival of the rest of the team Saturday evening.

Dave, Ben, Amber and I, were joined by Annie, one of the permanent missionary doctors, who came along shop for her daughter’s birthday party.

Amber had a grocery list prepared in coordination with Beth Zerkel, who will be cooking for the entire team and other full time missionaries for the second week of our stay, October 2-7. Two plus overflowing grocery carts. Like last time, groceries were boxed and taped up for the journey home by a team of young men at the check out stand who expertly packed the boxes.

Throughout the trip, Amber was very cognizant of the imminence of Christine’s giving birth, having examined her earlier in the day. She was a couple days past due and the contractions were coming.

As noted in post the day of arrival, travel between here and La Ceiba is very slow due to very bad unpaved roads and all manner of people, vehicles and livestock along and crossing the road constantly and unpredictably.

The scariest part was passing by a huge truck overloaded with tons of date nuts which seemed on the verge of toppling over due to flats on both tires on the side towards the middle of the road where we needed to pass.

When we got home, Amber and I cleaned out the refrigerator, scrubbed it down, threw away old, expired food, wiped down the food shelves and unloaded and organized all the food so all would be ready for Beth’s arrival tomorrow.