Attitude of Gratitude – Psalm 100

Psalm 100 is another joyful psalm! The psalmist encourages us to worship the Lord with joy and thanksgiving in our hearts.

Our worship must be focused on God and not ourselves. It’s not about my likes, preferences, insights I gain, how warmly I’m welcomed by others, worship is not about me at all!

Consider Psalm 100 and its emphasis on the Lord. In just five verses, the name, “Lord” or the pronouns referring to the Lord appear 15 times! The pronouns “we” or “us”, referring to human worshippers, appear just 4 times. Clearly, our worship must be focused on God and not us!

When we worship God we are involved in activity. Psalm 100 is sprinkled with action! Words such as “shout”, “worship”, “come”, “know”, “enter”, “give thanks”, ”praise” all appear. Worship is not passive, it’s very active! We must worship the Lord with joy and thanksgiving in our hearts! Worship of God is about actively involving ourselves in singing, praying, listening, reading the Word of God, responding in the giving of tithes and offerings and not about sitting back and expecting to be entertained.

Why should we worship with joy and thanksgiving in our hearts? Look in vs.5 “For the Lord is good and his love endures forever, his faithfulness continues through all generations”.  First, we worship the Lord because He is good. We must affirm this truth even when life seems unfair or harsh. Second, the Lord’s love endures forever. This is true even when we blow it and make big mistakes. Third, the Lord remains faithful to us throughout all times. This is true even when God seems distant and uncaring. May God help each of us to worship Him with joy and thanksgiving in our hearts at all times!

Thursday’s Report

We nearly finished the secure storage area inside the hospital today. The walls are built and most of the drywall is now hung. Amber helped deliver a baby at 6am this morning. It was her first on this trip. She was beaming when she arrived back at the house.

Tonight we have an early dinner, then church with the hospital team at 6pm.

A few photos of our progress today- (as always click on the thumbnail to see the full picture)

10697330_848119645198420_3761590475197274130_o_resize10644498_848119708531747_5456274926512929764_o_resize10548173_848120051865046_2774254641513996142_o_resize10708606_848120261865025_4207373588767174574_o_resize 1093867_848120428531675_618611006995368182_o_resize10687896_848120561864995_9203318017722996559_o_resize10687977_848120668531651_5660656736717580566_o_resize1540403_848120835198301_2025610303312142000_o_resize10536523_848120925198292_2326210960096198964_o_resize10550137_848121048531613_5499057300367998639_o_resize 1097931_848158131861238_2174527550963163870_o_resize10636763_848158515194533_6926754110131007480_o_resize  10355639_848158895194495_5069468272437255604_o_resize10608452_848159148527803_3906995972335400897_o_resize 1074637_848159651861086_7139189104500920303_o_resize10483814_848159705194414_5792411054528861447_o_resize       10682186_848159885194396_1659479126392640867_o_resize

Another Amber Update and More Photos from Mark.

My day started out with a call about a labor pt! She delivered a healthy 6# baby. Also got ready for my class that I’m teaching to the nurses tomorrow. It will be a review for some but new material for those that are just starting their social service. I’m teaching fetal monitoring and newborn assessments. Should be lots of fun. Kandee is going to come and help. Got to see more of the Honduran staff. They are so amazing in the progress they are making in L&D. You wouldn’t know that it only officially opened 3 years ago. I also have agreed to get up at 0550 to go swimming in the ocean in the morning. What is wrong with me???

10622935_10204091366077904_5960827418622983269_n10348591_10204091366317910_5399766827489916712_n  10711030_10204091366517915_4256363372749060962_n10649586_10204091366997927_7284875207374680049_n 10653301_10204091341237283_8576858810914823335_n









Our team is working on two construction projects, one at the hospital and one at staff housing.

10703802_10203599895891130_8566254609313559892_n 10255372_10203599896091135_9100685716911204605_n10615398_10203599896371142_24240173655328392_n10600628_10203599896651149_6907001774460274467_n10703695_10203599897091160_8388324975451951206_n10615415_10203599897531171_5335723736158515685_n1908413_10203599897971182_6495051603197114854_n  10641275_10203599898731201_6087585097982039701_n10671260_10203599898931206_6993152506837865548_n10426324_10203599899131211_3995345364442694024_n10151763_10203599899611223_1921615671913335738_n 10398683_10203599900011233_5388556002668562569_n    10404445_10203599900131236_6611467758536952933_n     10612930_10203599900571247_8252315512926512221_n 10444585_10203599901331266_6092680784301947695_n

Busy Days in Honduras

The past two days have been busy here in Honduras. On Tuesday the construction crew began building the secure storage room in the bodaga. Amber is itching to deliver a couple of babies. She and Kandee took all of the donated medical supplies over to the hospital.

Today (Weds) the construction crew was moved over to the hospital to add a couple of new rooms inside of existing rooms. We were able to get the studs built for the wall. Amber was able to observe Dr. Jeff removing a woman’s gall bladder. Amber also put an IV into Richard for the first time as Richard was feeling weak and dizzy from dehydration. After 2000 ml of saline solution, Richard was feeling better and back at it again.

Kandee has been taking great care of us and cooking some amazing meals in the new kitchen.

Last night we found a Kinkajou (also known as the “honey bear”). Scott told us that it is not common to see them. We watched him for 10 minutes.

10700317_847739591903092_3739963312883604049_o_resize 10714334_847739785236406_2282943051168382806_o_resize10694394_847740301903021_4648235118359674259_o_resize10623991_847740498569668_4562455101658535075_o_resize10700718_847740675236317_1502778603708817508_o_resize10655294_847740821902969_6461217250997675396_o_resize10553700_847741051902946_6167985099094352829_o_resize10661909_847741168569601_403966752821803285_o_resize10550115_847742318569486_1743635210436522774_o_resize 10636479_847741558569562_7505182377331062222_o_resize10687387_847742828569435_3659932588346166327_o_resize10623363_847743038569414_8508906736792728693_o_resize10679694_847743191902732_2633232078188596701_o_resize   10682313_847743348569383_906783743793439839_o_resize10644709_847743565236028_5039212009585982470_o_resize10708656_847743701902681_8212599987546968528_o_resize10700707_847743955235989_5813505445063640731_o_resize10700174_847744118569306_694453841946022140_o_resize10680087_847744225235962_1372294195322033776_o_resize10710492_847744328569285_6379830965007183000_o_resize10697221_847744535235931_805794326099845455_o_resize10712649_847744595235925_5005701452518381515_o_resize10549274_847744738569244_8471798565565659258_o_resize1490591_847745305235854_1964125822517036977_o_resize                10703948_847745291902522_5969369305328825482_o_resize10428374_847745908569127_5730557075748370752_o_resize

Honduras Update from Amber

Honduras had their Independence Day today. Got to see my favorite little guy Aaron. Saw his mama Xiomara and his little bro Caleb as well. Lots of our Honduran friends and the missionaries were there to see the kids from the hospitals bilingual school and the kids from the children’s center in the parade.
Sorted out supplies that we brought down and got some into there places while the guys were starting on their project. They are building two storage rooms. One in the hospital and one in “Joes” bodega. I also was working on my materials for my class on fetal monitoring and the care of the newborn after delivery. Class should be on Friday. The hospital was closed today due to the holiday but they did have 2 deliveries today. They are doing so well and had low volume of patients in the hospital that they didn’t even need my help. I’ll take some pics of the new delivery rooms tomorrow. They turned out great!
Had more missionaries over for dinner. So good to catch up. Yummy chicken Caesar for dinner. Off to bed for an early day tomorrow.











Kandee and I moved supplies in the hospital so that the guys can start on the new supply store room for the large equipment, got all our supplies that we brought down dispersed to where they belonged, and helped Marinajo in the eye glass clinic. I was going to do recoveries today but the patients didn’t show. Had more missionaries for dinner which is a blast! Off to bed for a early day. I now have my own radio to be on call for deliveries. Hope I get some sleep tonight

10247267_10204080048994984_1477799140488863773_n  10622861_10204080049234990_6117719587763412285_n 10686652_10204080050275016_3990074617503891055_n10350328_10204080049434995_2681755521590322941_n 10672355_10204080049915007_3426519249165730367_n









Super day today. Richard wasn’t feeling great (day 3 always gets him) so I stared an IV on him, 2 bags of fluid later and he was feeling way better. Then I got to assist Dr Jeff in the OR. One umbilical hernia and an open chole that was packed with stones. I now got to see what a gallbladder and stones looked like. They wouldn’t show me mine.
Saw more of my nursing friends at the hospital. The guys are now working on the storage room in the hospital. You can see the 2 L&D rooms. They turned out amazing. Took a walk up the hill to see my awesome friend Marinajo Fields for a much needed girl time. You can see the sights that were along the way. Had to walk by John Alden and Penny Alden’s old house and reminisce. Tomorrow I may get to assist again. Still on call for L&D.

10635786_10204084765632897_1389662702338742894_n 10685577_10204084766112909_4284111404548891469_n10628079_10204084766512919_8521678488242196260_n10599711_10204084767112934_5095243548695742023_n10417492_10204084767912954_3846124265821693111_n1510757_10204084768552970_985643130386608884_n10689796_10204084768712974_6968927644401357167_n10624660_10204084769112984_4574861743852630767_n 10405311_10204084769392991_8387326249019048928_n10348616_10204084769592996_3805155254716997996_n      10671404_10204084769993006_4275733027013893787_n

New Song this Sunday (September 21)

This Sunday the worship team will introduce a new (to us) song. Check it out below to be ready to praise God in song.

Mark’s Honduras Photos

Some photos taken my team member Mark Offord (click thumbnail for larger view)

10421212_10203580556047646_8124498601821434925_n 10422208_10203580556207650_4655698764789796300_n 10422115_10203580556687662_6593191684623151789_n10687088_10203580556527658_6240032107120352279_n10644864_10203580557247676_3402260568522594404_n   10599222_10203580557607685_3865306043442688544_n10628365_10203580558047696_5269988748430354400_n10635800_10203580558367704_903066566182513493_n10710891_10203580559447731_1119287110186475221_n10620683_10203580559847741_2020266600753577983_n

Happy Independence Day from Honduras!

193 years ago Honduras broke away from Spain. We began our day with enjoying the parade in Belfante with Mike and Peggy Yost, Ian and the school kids.

After the parade Richard, Greg, Mark, Mike, and I dove into our first project. We cleared out years worth of medical storage from one side of the storage room and moved it to the other side. After moving it all we gave the room a good sweeping. Tomorrow we will build a wall to create a separate room. The hospital was closed today for the holiday so I think that tomorrow may be Amber’s first day working in the labor and delivery department.

I will add photos that show both the parade and today’s progress on the construction side as well as addition photos of the kitchen that my mom requested.

Blessings from Honduras! (Click on the Thumbnail for a larger view of the photo)

10483831_846830675327317_1238933951340979197_o_resize 10631237_846830981993953_6461661601748195361_o_resize10631237_846831075327277_8005210785862144369_o_resize10694295_846831298660588_3192004802315286103_o_resize10658539_846831358660582_3579474091395562406_o_resize 1973920_846831641993887_7081436280248018464_o_resize 1617669_846831801993871_2572782450191622597_o_resize 10620190_846831928660525_1990693149802847084_o_resize 10626199_846832188660499_1655269422961168694_o_resize10655334_846832325327152_5501766984763204569_o_resize10658852_846832411993810_3849651554655311130_o_resize10633545_846832605327124_3311577941224202308_o_resize10644725_846832695327115_5125957035643935466_o_resize10697169_846832805327104_5933216334675297147_o_resize  10557055_846832941993757_6176838000716341554_o_resize 10631306_846833115327073_6174142017705644902_o_resize10636448_846833825327002_3472774517784884092_o_resize906366_846834441993607_6326021366291751356_o_resize10428103_846834275326957_7578958818936124451_o_resize10679496_846834345326950_419888825762245178_o_resize 10557699_846834408660277_1428603162134523031_o_resize10604076_846834538660264_908563197883869092_o_resize10518619_846834665326918_2773982795140637657_o_resize10669002_846834545326930_3168225870622076980_o_resize10633116_846834675326917_9164704805732874268_o_resize10338540_846834885326896_1888474090322692177_o_resize   10562625_846835068660211_2528734831649325503_o_resize 10633483_846835335326851_9057273906205901155_o_resize10683584_846835221993529_6799793528267422657_o_resize10479391_846835351993516_3109730867452894765_o_resize10580800_846835565326828_4554732615329774268_o_resize  10557769_846835621993489_1532861013078492874_o_resize10582942_846836038660114_2789721975026840200_o_resize10682416_846836121993439_3756191766040361693_o_resize       10658965_846852608658457_972074386851094170_o_resize10580698_846851808658537_3411873589423118812_o_resize            10321606_846852565325128_3483529119294484236_o_resize
10694480_846851755325209_8850153848335969611_o_resize 10537204_846852908658427_2111229449828920130_o_resize

Day 2 in Honduras

Day two report from Honduras 2014. We woke up feeling refreshed after 24 hours of travel. We headed for church at 8:30am.

The church was quite full this morning. Amber, Richard, Mike, Kandee and Mark were all reunited with old friends from their previous missions to Honduras. They were delighted to see everyone again.

After church we headed back to the hospital for lunch, devotions and orientation with Dave.

As the afternoon rains rolled in, Amber, Richard, Greg, Mark and myself headed down to the beach with Dave for a swim in the Caribbean. We enjoyed watching the blue crabs scurrying in the jungle. The water was warm and delightful.

This evening we will enjoy dinner and fellowship then prepare for a busy day tomorrow. The hospital is closed as tomorrow is Honduran Independence Day, but the construction crew will be hard at work as the days start to tick away and we have a lot to do.

Blessings from Honduras. Some photos from our time at church this morning- (Click on the thumbnail for a large view)

10551496_846159438727774_7637944225192473705_o 10537249_846159502061101_1500535743602606517_o10619890_846159638727754_7741300241151677287_o 10662205_846159758727742_5662148470859211873_o10658914_846160025394382_4124358323269950048_o10431385_846160148727703_3438466594456909486_o10644727_846160405394344_3850900294323737350_o1597487_846160525394332_8060680732436016756_o10623971_846160722060979_68836062873280398_o1979245_846160868727631_4995217812015281145_o10518309_846160988727619_4951271289836844546_o1270951_846161025394282_5467336853067607680_o10517610_846161218727596_4381384343173312696_o10631195_846161422060909_3378001660152049915_o1597487_846161502060901_5235092941827079821_o10708620_846161625394222_85804102869777101_o10608726_846161905394194_3215553547272984868_o 1534882_846162058727512_7573759666190565867_o10575153_846162245394160_7480784333982403459_o   10523313_846162385394146_2495591720475544187_o10454943_846162468727471_5795476061849851220_o10626372_846162702060781_6022915859008481896_o10648650_846162805394104_6609864835213858545_o10548126_846162885394096_3213667500308936992_o 10682308_846163215394063_598871084449096497_o   10687911_846163345394050_2703818815579153904_o10382366_846163868727331_3566646280757911561_o10648901_846164052060646_7645312559928114370_o10655432_846163902060661_5902033526799119959_o10644635_846164305393954_4425255850150518032_o10604474_846164302060621_2660048491606922215_o      10560295_846164448727273_3059796698937244405_o

More Photos from Honduras

Click on the Thumbnail for the full picture.

10606480_10203572583888347_7916989179348339797_n10703613_10203572583528338_7283687849508236756_n   10614186_10203572579968249_6034949309923587831_n15265_10203572583328333_1144734148200316003_n10250330_10203572582768319_5560037862380923199_n10641104_10203572580568264_6542428706730613081_n10696329_10203572584248356_1052872116571276829_n 10628449_10203572580968274_7995570981250475200_n   10455699_10203572581448286_330042047267758866_n 10612565_10203572581768294_8454510846554018423_n