Dinner Out Honduran Style

Had dinner in Rio Esteban tonight. It had rained very hard just before we left for dinner. When we got to the first river, the water was raging over the road. We brought 2 4×4 trucks, but had to stop and assess the situation. We decided to radio the next buss coming our way to see if he would be willing to take us across and back after dinner, he agreed. Meanwhile one of the truck got the keys locked inside. The gentleman driving said ” It’s alright I have an extra set of key at home, we can continue on then I will come back for it later. Then he realized that his house key was locked in the truck. So one of the local men was able to make a slim gim, and get the keys out. Then the bus showed up and decided he did not want to drive us back. So we decided to cross the river. The water was well over the tires but we made two river crossings and had dinner.

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Amber's Catch Up From Honduras

Two Videos about Hospital Loma de Luz, Honduras

In case you have not seen the video about Hospital Loma de Luz put out by Samaritans Purse, here it is-

Amber’s department here at Hospital Loma de Luz-
Just 3 years ago they weren’t able to perform c/s. Now they have up to 30 deliveries a month! I’m super proud

Adult Sunday School Class. 10:30am

There is still time to join our latest class which started just last week.

That The World May Know – Faith Lessons on the Promised Land

Filmed on location in Israel (Tel Gezer, Jordan River, Tel Jericho, Tel Beth Shemesh, & Tel Azekah), Faith Lessons is an in-depth video tour of the buried, distant, or otherwise forgotten places where the stories of the Bible actually happened. From this cultural perspective, teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan challenges long-held Western assumptions about even the most well-known Scripture passages.

The class includes, a 20 minute video, followed by discussion (study guide provided)

Click below to see the video from week 1

More Photos of Sunday Worship

Church on Sunday. We donated 5 ceiling fans to the church today.

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Sunday Worship and Water in Honduras

Today was a fun and busy day for Team Honduras 2014. It was Dr. Rich’s first full day in Honduras. He has a busy surgery schedule this week so we needed to get in a little bit of fun before the work week starts.

The morning started with church. The church was packed out today. Of course we added a full row. After church we headed for the waterfalls for some swimming, adventure and cliff jumping. I will include some photos from the day.

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Picking Up Dr Rich from La Ceiba

Some of the team went to pick up Dr. Owens in La Ceiba today. We had to do some grocery shopping and finally found the molasses. It was in the Chinese food section right where you would expect the molasses to be. We have a surprise for the church in margarita that we will be giving them. Hint, it’s cool.

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Amber's Class at Hospital Loma de Luz, Honduras

Taught my class today to 7 staff. It turned out really good. Lots of questions answered and asked. Will be doing another one next week for the other staff that couldn’t make it.
The guys have been working really hard! The room is almost done. Kandee and I plan on doing some painting next week. Tomorrow part of the team will drive to La Ceiba to grocery shop and pick up Dr Rich.
We got to get up way to early this morning (0545) to swim in a calm and clear ocean. Some of the guys kayaked too.
Had yummy pizza home made by some of the missionary kids in their brick oven. Had 6 extra tonight to share with us. I love connecting with each of the missionaries. They are so amazing and giving. God is good

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Friday in Honduras

We finished up the secure room in the hospital today. Back to finishing up the secure room in the bodega. We will pick back up on that on Monday.

Tomorrow Richard, Amber, Dave and a few others head in to pick up Dr. Rich who is currently on his way here from Oregon. As I type this he is probably sitting at the MFR airport. Everyone is anxious for his arrival.

Amber taught her class today on fetal monitoring. She is proud that she has taught her way out of a job. The Honduran nurses are taking more and more responsibility now.

Yesterday we attended the evening service at the hospital. I will include some photos of the service and today’s work on the hospital.

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Fires in Weed, California

Our communication with the Presbyterian Church in Weed reveals that the immediate need is a financial one… for gift cards that can be given to people in the community to eat at local restaurants, and purchase items in the local stores…helping them and the community!  The Session has voted to send Special Missions money and is asking anyone who wants to contribute to make a check to JPChurch with WEED FIRE in memo line.  (bring it to the church office or put it in the offering at church on Sunday) We have had many calls and emails wanting to help and this is the best way for now.  There maybe other opportunities in the future.  Thanks for your ever-generous spirit at times like these!