Three Gifts Children Really Need – Mark 10:13-16

After Jesus finished his discussion with Jewish leaders about marriage, Mark reports that people started trying to bring children to Jesus in order for him to touch them but the disciples “rebuked them”.  (vs.13) The word “rebuke” means “to warn, or speak seriously to”.  Why did the disciples warn the people?  The disciples thought Jesus’ ministry should be confined to those more able to respond than children.  How wrong they were!  We should always include children in church, from worship and the sacraments to serving and sharing.


The disciples’ response angered Jesus.  He was “indignant” meaning angry.  Jesus commanded them to “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”. Jesus meant that the kingdom of heaven belongs to people of all ages, including the dependent and humble, the simple and unsophisticated.


We observe in Jesus’ response that He gave children the gift of time and attention, the gift of loving touch and the gift of prayers.  First, Jesus gave the gift of time and attention.  We witness Jesus giving children time and attention in the gospels:  see Mark 5:35-42, Mark 9:14-32 and John 4:46-53.  Jesus also gave children the gift of loving touch.  In Mark 10:16 we read, “And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them”.  Finally, Jesus gave children the gift of prayers.  In Matt 19:13 we read, “Then little children were brought to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them”.


Like Jesus, we too should be kind to children!  Many of us have children and grandchildren and some of us, great-grandchildren.  Of course we want to extend every kindness to them But don’t limit your time and attention, loving touch and prayers to your family.  Give the children of the church these gifts too!

Thursday in Honduras

It is hard to believe that Thursday has already passed, and Friday is almost here. This means that it has been a full 7 days since we left Oregon for Honduras.

Tonight we enjoyed fellowship, teaching and worship with the other missionaries at Loma de Luz Hospital. Many of the families are out of town right now attending a missionary conference. They will be back late Saturday night.

Mark and Mike made more progress today on the surveilance cameras. Greg and Brian worked on several generators for the Childrens Center. Earlier in the day Brian, Amber and Lori stopped by the Childrens Center to pick up some hot dogs from Ian and Liz. A five minute stop turned into two hours of playing frizbee, giving piggy back rides (up to 3 kids at the same time) and cruising around on a hand crank taxi with a load of kids on board. We had so much fun!

Linda cooked another great dinner of soup.

Thinking about Dr. Rich as he departs tomorrow and will join us on Saturday.

Some photos of the day and fun with the kids at the Childrens Center. Some of the photos were taken by an 8 year old boy who I gave the camera to and followed around to see what would catch his attention.

Click on Small Photo to see large version…


Mark's Honduras Report

Hello everyone, the construction crew has been hard at work installing a security system. We have run a little more than 4000 ft of wire so far.

Hopefully we will start mounting the camera’s tomorrow.

It has been raining quite hard most of this afternoon. Some of the missionaries are leaving for the mission conference which is about eight hours away.

Your support and prayers are being heard and felt. Praise God.

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Wednesday's Honduras Report

On Wednesday we have watched the cycle of life make a full-circle several times as we serve the Honduran people at Loma de Luz.

Amber and Lori were called in last night around 9pm with reports that twin boys had been delivered in the car in the nearby village of Lis Lis. The babies were 27 weeks and just over one pound each. They did not have a chance in this type of remote setting. They lived for a little over an hour and then went home to hang out with Jesus. They have been in heaven for about 24 hours our time now.

Upon hearing that they had died, the verse that came to mind was Mathew 19:14- Jesus said “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Amber and Lori named them Little Adam and Benjamin.

Our mission this morning was to make a little coffin for the babies. Mark and Greg did a really nice job. I held the coffin as Amber placed the little guys inside. I closed the top and presented it to their father who took it home with the babies’ mother.

The cycle of life continued as Amber and Lori delivered a healthy baby girl this morning. It was a long night for the mother as she spent over 12 hours in labor.

Greg, Mike, Mark and Brian continued stringing cable for the surveillance camera’s in the afternoon. Mike and Joe were O+ blood matches for a 16 year old girl that needed surgery for ovarian cancer. They each donated a pint of blood. As we were stringing cable, the father of the 16 year old girl came up to Greg and I sobbing. We each took turns holding the father as he told us in Spanish that things were very bad. I was missing a few important words and asked Joe to help translate. The mans 16 year old daughter is much worse than thought. If I understood correctly, his daughter is terminal. The cycle of life made full-circle once again, in less than 24 hours.

Please pray for the family of the twins and both the 16 year old girl with ovarian cancer and her family. Pray for her healing and comfort for her parents.

For breakfast this morning, Linda made fantastic cinnamon rolls! Tonight’s guests Mike and Peggy Yost and Ian and Liz McKenzie will be enjoying enchiladas.

Photos from today starting with our hand made coffin- Please click on Small photo to see full size version



Tuesday's Update from Honduras

Amber and Lori are currently over at the hospital doing what they do best; delivering babies. We will have to wait to get the details, but one of them was born in a car on the way to the hospital. The other mom is still in labor. It is almost 9pm here local time. It will probably be a long night for Amber and Lori.

Mike and Mark strung about 1000 feet of line today for the new security cameras.

Greg and Brian worked on replacing a window and door lock in the children’s center van, as and finished up the carb.

Linda enjoyed being served dinner tonight as we went out for dinner in the village of Lis Lis. We had tacos, which were fantastic!

Some Photos from the day- Click on the small picture to see full size version.

















Report for Monday Oct 12

The team had a good and productive day. Mark, Brian and Mike ran wire as new security cameras are being installed around the hospital grounds.

Greg put his mechanical skills to work rebuilding a carburetor and fixing Dave’s truck.

Amber and Lori were able to spend time with their friends on the medical staff at the hospital. In the afternoon they unpacked and organized all of the medical items that the team brought down from Oregon. They are hoping that they can deliver a baby soon.

Linda cooked another fabulous meal. Tonight’s missionary guest was Dr. David Alexander and his wonderful wife and 4 children. They have been here at the hospital for exactly a year. David is a general surgeon. He was an Army surgeon in Afghanistan before coming onto the mission field.

Some photos from today- Click on a small photo to see the full size version




















Habitat Minute for Ministry

Click Below to see the minute for ministry from October 11 2015.

Honduras Journey to Church

After a good nights sleep, the team headed to Margarita Church this morning. It is always a nice reunion for everyone because of friendships forged over the years.

They did the service in Spanish and English for our benefit today. Amber introduced the team during the service. We noticed that the fans that we provided for the church last year have been all installed. It was nice to have a little breeze during the service.

The pastor did a great service about being saved through grace, not by works.

After the service, Greg and Brian helped Dave on a little project then everyone did something fun. Greg and Mark went for a swim in the Caribean. The girls visited friends. Linda worked on the evening meal. Mike enjoyed some reading. Brian did a short 10 mile hike down the beach.

Tonights ministry was having Dr. Joel Tumlinson over for dinner along with his wife Cynthia, and kids Linda, Lisa and Lucas. We enjoyed fellowship and conversation into the evening. The Fields always join in as our hosts.

Tomorrow Greg, Brian and Mark have some surveilance cameras to install. Amber and Lori will be filling in at areas needed at the hospital with their nursing skills. Mike will be in the pharmacy. Linda will be working hard on the dinner for our next missionary family.

Some photos are included from church and our journey down to Honduras. Thank you all again for your prayers and interest in the Honduras mission.




















Honduras Journey and Arrival

From Dave Fields

This is not your standard flight track! It shows the team’s plane starting for Honduras and then circling back due to mechanical problems. It also shows the new flight is en route. Please pray for peace and rest for the team and safety in what will end up being a late drive back to Loma de Luz.




This is a much better photo of their flight track with the little circles over the gulf





Arrival Report from Brian Smith

It has been an eventful day. We may have had a few angels flying under our first ride to keep us up in the air. It is hard to say, but there was defiantly a prayer covering. The team is in good spirits. Everyone is tucked into their beds, calling home and saying goodnight to loved ones.The team is planning to attend Margarita church tomorrow morning. Thank you everyone for your prayers from home.

Houston we've got a problem!

This news in from Brian Smith

Well we were halfway to Honduras when the captain came on and said the plane had mechanical problems and we were returning to the United States. They asked us to immediately take a landing position as the plane went into descent way out over the Gulf of Mexico.

Amber read to emergency crash card, i scoped out the life jackets and exits. Mom and Amber held hands. Amber felt sick to her stomach.

We didn’t have enough fuel to make it to Honduras, but we were too heavy to land back in Houston. The pilots manually flew the plane for over an hour while we flew circles over the ocean waves about 4000 feet off the deck burning fuel. Then we toured Texas for a while just a few thousand feet up. We finally landed safely.

So now we are sitting on a replacement plane while our same flight crew files a new flight plan. It turns out the trim was jammed on the other plane not allowing it to climb to cruising altitude which caused the plan to burn too much fuel. Then the broken auto pilot and we had quite an adventure in the skies. Pray that this attempt will be successful and safe.