Honduras Team are Home

The Honduras team has arrived safe and sound in Medford. Thanks for all your support and prayers!

Make Jesus Your Top Priority – Mark 10:17-31

We meet an interesting man in the text. Matthew and Luke also include this account and share more details about this man. He served as a ruler of some kind, was wealthy, lived a good, moral life and was young.

The young ruler wanted to know what he could do to inherit eternal life. In the course of their conversation, Jesus told him “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come follow me” (vs.21) Note that Jesus gave him something he could do: get rid of the goods that possessed his heart and then he could follow him!

His wealth had become his god! Jesus made it clear that we cannot worship both money/possessions and Him. Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount, “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money”. (Matt 6:24) Jesus wants to be our top priority in life! Make Jesus your top priority!!

We live in a country in which many citizens enjoy great affluence and wealth. Lots of us travel extensively. Often, when I haven’t seen you in worship for some time, it’s because you’ve been on a trip some place with your family or to see your family. Poor people don’t travel much because it requires resources they don’t have.

The rich young ruler didn’t realize that his wealth possessed him. He was blind to it! When Jesus told him to get rid of his wealth he “went away sad because he had great wealth”. (vs.22) Though the text doesn’t tell us explicitly, we’re left with the impression that he wasn’t able to sell everything as Jesus commanded.

What god (s) or idols exist in your life that you are blind to? Here are a couple of ways you can discover what or who you worship: 1) review your bank statement. How are you spending your money? 2) What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? (Besides a screaming alarm clock or nagging spouse?) 3) What do you spend your time daydreaming about?

Jesus came to be both our Savior and Lord. He wants to be your top priority in life!! Make Jesus your top priority!!

Last Post from Hospital Loma de Luz this year.

Hi all! Last post from Hospital Loma de Luz. I think about what that means, Loma de Luz, as I sit two feet from a fan and wait till Amber and Rich are done with the last surgery case of the week. Light from the knoll, light on the hill. Is this place a light shining so bright that it draws people to it? Is this place a light that shines down on all those around it? I think both.

The light is God and it can draw you to him or it can light your way in your life. Here it is healing light. Both physically and more importantly, spiritually. The light and love of Jesus Christ is here on this knoll. It is in the permanent missionaries, the short term ones too. It’s in the local staff who were born and raised here and the people who come for care. We as a team have the privilege to be here and to serve. We have all been blessed by the light of the knoll.

Thank you to all who have supported us whether that be financially or prayerfully. Thank you to our families who have sacrificed so we can come. We are humbled once again by this time.
Four complicated surgeries were completed today. (Last one technically still in process) One last yummy dinner. One last hard day of construction. Es bueno.




That Friday Feeling in Honduras

Well it’s Friday morning. We are discussing our trip out in the morning to the airport and then home.

The trip is not over though. One more day to finish up as much of the construction project as possible.
One more day of surgeries and recoveries. One more day of yummy food!

Yesterday was challenging in the hospital.
Surgeries were successful but not without a little McGyver-ing on Richs’ part and encouragement on Gods part!

Today is likely to be the same. Amber and I will continue to “fill in gaps” but plan to also start our goodbyes which take a while.

We are so grateful for our friendships here.
Enjoy these pics from yesterday!








More Honduras Construction News

We are feeling much better today. The room at the shop is really starting to take on a new look. All your prayers are definitely being felt. Thank you Lord.



























Mark's Honduran Construction Report

Well a couple of us on the construction crew are a little fatigue. We worked the first week on the installation of security cameras. Multiple locations for the cameras meant running a lot of wire.

This week we are working on the workshop at the hospital. We are updating one of the rooms. We needed to knock a window out of a wall that is 7 in. thick. We are building floor to ceiling shelving out of wood for the room.























Mid Week Report From Honduras


Busy last couple of days at the hospital. Dr Rich has been busy in clinic and in surgery. Two busy days left to go. Amber and I fill in the holes and there are lots of them. It has been incredible to see how many people are coming to the hospital for care from so many different places. It’s a little overwhelming for all but Dios Obra Aqui is what it says on the gate. It means God is at work here. That is so true and so apparent.

Construction project is moving along even though some of our hard working guys are a little under the weather. I don’t have any pictures to share of that but Mark will I’m sure.

Great food thanks to Linda and Marinajo. Our bellies are so happy and our hearts so full getting to enjoy the stories of the full time missionaries over yummy food.







Monday October 19 in Honduras

Hi all!! Quick update on today!

Dr Rich was busy down at the hospital. All day clinic and then an evening surgery. He is currently still there.

Amber and I had a labor patient who delivered a darling baby boy at about 1:30 this afternoon.

Mark, Mike and Greg have mostly finished the camera project and started a construction project in the shop.

Brian left today. Last we heard he was safe in Houston.

Dinner with Dr Isaac and his wife Dr Anne and their two beautiful kids!

Amazing dinner by Linda!

We are all so great-full to God for this opportunity. He is encouraging us in awesome ways. Thanks for your prayers And love.







Second Sunday in Honduras

Today was very busy. We went to the Margaret church this morning then decided to venture up to Lisa’s. Very beautiful spot.


Dr. Rich is in the Honduran house!

Rich arrived safe and happy about 6pm this evening. We enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Mark as a full team.

Earlier in the day, Linda, Amber, Lori, Mike, Greg, Brian and visiting missionaries Rick and Rebecca from Pennsylvania all took a trip up to the hotsprings and waterfalls for some adventure.

Our highlight on Friday was having Lisa and her 10 at-risk boys ranging in age from 10-18 over for dinner. We had a great evening with the boys watching them devour huge pates of food, arm wrestle with us old guys (Mike won the push up contest) and then do flips off of the little trampoline that we brought down.

Many of these boys would be dead if not for Lisa’s intervention and ministry. Some were living in the dump, some were drug mules for drug runners (and drug addicts) some were orphans and others gangsters. They all have one thing in common. They are amazing and great kids!

Most of the security camera’s are installed and running at the hospital. It was a sad week at times for Amber and Lori as they lost one adult patient and 3 babies, plus the 16 year old girl with terminal cancer. Please continue to pray for the families of these patients.

Tomorrow morning we will all attend church at Margarita and more time with Lisa and her boys.

A few photos of Lisa and the boys and Rich’s arrival.

Click on a small photo below to see the full size version