Mission Partners

Our church is committed to supporting the Mission of God throughout the world. Locally, Nationally and Internationally. Every year 10% of our church budget is given to the mission team to actively support our mission partners and projects.

In addition to this prayerful support and funding, additional funding is used for a youth mission trip to Mexico each summer and an adult mission trip to Honduras each Fall. This brings the total to around 20% of the annual budget of the church.

The Mission Team meets each month to pray and discuss the mission of the church.The aim of the team is “To inspire, equip and enable the congregation to participate in, local, national or international missions” This is accomplished by:

Our church currently has 9 long term missionary units supported throughout the world. These range from work within the Muslim areas of the world, Campus Ministries, Missionary Care, A Missionary Hospital, Hispanic Ministry, Bible Translation, Disaster Trauma Relief and Church Planting.

Other Missions

We are also working with a number of other mission ministries including:

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