New Members

It was a great thrill to introduce 10 new members this past Sunday March 30.

These friends have been worshiping with us for some time and come from a variety of backgrounds and places.

They have been to both our intro luncheon and new members class. They were also interviewed by one of our elders and introduced to the session. As part of the step of commitment to our church these friends wrote out their statements of faith and shared these with the session.

One of the new members was also baptized at the 8:55am service. Being introduced to the congregation at both our services (8:55am and 10:30am) does not mark the end, but the beginning of another exciting step in their Christian life and journey.

Many of our new members have already plugged into either a small group or ministry or both! If you have not yet joined our church I would encourage you to take this step and see what the Lord has in store for you.



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