What Are You Doing After Easter?

What were the days following Jesus’ resurrection like for the first disciples?

Jesus had died, and he was dead no longer. Just as He promised, He had overcome death, the last enemy. But what did it all mean?

Surely, it took time for them to fully comprehend the whirlwind of events that had taken place the previous week. Before He returned to his Father, Jesus helped His followers to realize some of the implications. (Lk. 24:27) His death and resurrection were no aberration in God’s plan. They WERE the plan. (Lk. 24:26)  God  had  accepted Jesus’ payment for the sins of His people. Animal sacrifices  were no longer necessary. (1 Cor. 15:17)  Jesus’  resurrection  assured us that those He had redeemed would also receive glorified bodies on the last day. (1 Cor. 15:20) His defeat of the grave anticipated the time when all of creation would be “set free from its bondage to decay and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.” (Rom. 8:21)

The resurrection of Jesus Christ, as with many biblical doctrines, has both an objective and a subjective element. Both are important. Theology (study) must be married to doxology (praise). Notwithstanding recurring attempts to disprove the bodily resurrection of Jesus, it remains an undeniable truth and essential element of biblical Christianity. However, it is not merely history that we dissect, study, and discuss. It is meant to change our lives.

Many people will move on from  Easter Sunday to an ordinary Monday, unaware of the significance of all they heard about the previous day. They’ll continue to fight sin in their own strength, think the meaning of life lies somewhere outside God’s provision in Christ, and battle a nagging fear of death. The resurrection will fade into the white noise of their lives, making no discernible impact.

Let’s not make the same mistake. Let’s take in the line in Kevin’s song “souls gripped tight in Satan’s grasp by God’s grace are free at last.” Then let the reality of our Savior’s empty tomb fill us with great joy, hope, and peace today and every day!

He Is Risen From The Dead Words by Kevin Hartnett.  Music by Bob Kauflin.  Copyright 2003 Sovereign Grace Praise, a  division  of Sovereign Grace Music. From Worship Matters Resources Written by Bob Kauflin April 17, 2006 in Devotions

Easter Can Revive Your Faith!

MATTHEW 28:1-10

 The Resurrection of Jesus has changed countless lives over the centuries. Consider the disciples. Nearly all of them except for John went into hiding after Jesus was arrested. After Jesus rose from the dead these men were transformed! Ten of the original twelve disciples were martyred for their faith. Jesus’ resurrection revived their weak, and stagnant faith! Following the Resurrection they were willing to die for Jesus for He proved that He was Lord!

Do you feel that your faith has recently been weak, stagnant, and pretty much non-existent? The Resurrection of Jesus can revive your faith and give it new life and power!! Observe some additional ways Easter can revive our faith: first, the Resurrection of Jesus can reduce fear in your life. In vs.5 the angel spoke to the women who visited Jesus’ empty tomb, “But the angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified”.  Sometime later after having seen Jesus, he said to them in vs.10 “Do not be afraid; go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee and there they will see me”.  The power of the resurrected Lord can take your fears and change them as He instills new courage and strength within you.

Second, the Resurrection can inspire joy within you! We read of the women experiencing joy as they left the tomb in vs.8 and Jesus greeted them with joy in vs.9. The same word “Greetings!” in the original is translated, “Rejoice!” in Philippians 4:4. Devout Christians should be known as joyful people. Would your family and friends describe you as a “joyful” person? Finally, the Resurrection can revive your faith! Jesus wanted his disciples’ weak faith to be empowered, changed and transformed. Why else would he have sent the women to them? He commanded the women to go and tell them and later he commanded his disciples to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (vs.19). The God we know in Jesus Christ is a sending God!  He’s constantly sending people, telling them to go! He sent someone in your life to tell you the good news and He is sending you to tell your friends, family, classmates, people you work with too. So, go and tell people the good news of Christ, of His death and resurrection. Don’t wait for the perfect time or the best strategy. Simply, go! Ready, Fire, Aim!!



Cross Walk – Who is This?

One of the most important questions in this life comes through in the narrative of Palm Sunday. When referring to Jesus, who is this? This is not only a question for those who do not yet know Jesus as Lord and Savior but is equally valid for Christians, to have in their minds and hearts, constantly putting Him first. As St Augustine famously is quoted as saying “Jesus Christ is not valued at all until He is valued above all.”

We see 4 major characteristics of Christ coming through as He walks (rides) toward the cross on Palm Sunday.

1. He is compassionately present.

On the way to Jerusalem determined and set on the course ahead He does not ignore the needs of those around Him. Jesus takes the time to respond to the cry of the blind, not only healing but giving them new life. (Matthew 20:29-34)

2. He is the prepared and prophesied Lord.

Preparations have been made for Jesus’ entry so that His intentions should be clear to all who see Him. This also points us to the fact that this is not a recent development, but has been the plan of God since the beginning.

3. He is worthy of praise.

The crowd shouts of His glory and gives acknowledgement of His position by their welcome. How do we welcome Jesus and tell of His worth every day, not just one day a week?

4. He is the peaceful king and prophet.

Jesus came to turn the world right side up, not by force but by love. This comes through in Jesus’ actions and by the words of the crowd as both answer the question, who is this? How do you answer this same question about Jesus today?

On The Way Home from Honduras

Last Full Day in Honduras

JPC Honduras 2017
We are so blessed, thankful and grateful for the opportunity to help Loma de luz . Thank you David, Marinajo and Ben with open arms, hospitality and fellowship.. many of us felt at home… we have been truly blessed of the friendship..
May the Lord richly bless the Fields family’s, the ministry at Loma de Luz, Margarita church, and many others we have been in contact with..
Until we meet again..

Philippians 1: 3-6

Mid Week Update from Honduras

Hola! The team have been BUSY in the last few days!
We have been invited to visit/ tour of the school that is connect with Loma de luz hospital..
Rich and Dan had a very busy day yesterday in surgery.. from sunrise to sunset.. many successful surgeries..
# 5 baby girl was born last night within our stay. Ella was able to witness the birth for the 1st time.. and she continue to shadow with Dr Rich in surgeries..
Mark and Richard have been incredible busy with the shelves projects..
Judy has been amazing cook!
Please continue pray for JPC team for strength, guidance, minister to the people here at the hospital and patients as they recover.
We all have blessed in so many ways while we are here.
We pray for our JPC families back home. We are looking forward to come home. To share our testimonies while we were here in Honduras.



Lori applying mosquito spray
JPC team has guest in the kitchen
Book shelves project in the medical record
Installing rail lines for the medical records

More from the weekend in Honduras

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3: 5-6
A few pictures from Saturday and Sunday. We moved medical records to the news shelves that Mark, Richard and George has made last week. Sunday we took the afternoon off for a a rest day to prepare ourselves for a busy upcoming week. Today is a busy day For Dr. Richard Owens and Dr. Dan Fiddler. Ella and Heidi was able to tag along to a couple of procedures in the operating rooms..
We are all in good spirits..
Blessings from Honduras

Richard Owens

Ella and Heidi

Dan Fiddler
Picture that was hung in the hospital.
Operating room crew
Ben Fields and Lori
Judy And Veronica
Bookshelves for medical records
A local beach

Richard Owens unpacking a preparing for his busy week.

Another Sunday in Honduras

Team #2 have landed and arrived last night. We are all doing well and in good spirits..

Jorge enjoying some time with the mk boys. Love how easily he interacts with pretty much anyone. Always a smile and a laugh when he is near.

Friday’s Honduras Comings and Goings

Today was a good day! We give thanks and praises to our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s been a truly blessings to be here so that we can help one another and to do the Lord
Shelves are up! And planning to move and transfer the medical records onto the new shelves tomorrow.
Amber and Lori continue to work at the hospital to help recover patients after their surgery’s. (Same day surgery) we also had a baby born today. So that’s makes #3 this week. It’s a privilege for Heidi to be able to witness every single birth this week in between her duties..
Richard Owens, Dan Fiddler, Joy and Ella Are currently on their way to Honduras right now. Please keep them in your prayers for travel safety.. we expect them to arrive here with us tomorrow night..
Thank you guys for all your prayers and support.
chaplain at Loma de Luz hospital. Approx at 800 am he comes and greet patients to read scriptures from the Bible and say a prayers.. it’s all in Spanish

Ground maintenance person
Judy.. our amazing cook! You are truly a blessing to us!

George… we had a downpour rain

We adopted this pet.. he’s currently sitting in a jar at our table where we all eat.. 🕷🇭🇳
Thank you Richard Shield..
Our pet

George and his frog 🐸

Heidi.. working at the clinic area

Team two left Friday afternoon and will arrive some time Saturday.

Thursday’s Adventures in Honduras

“Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “move from here to there, and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Matthew 17:20-21
Judy. Our amazing cook!
Honduras foods

Lunch break!

Lori and George
Liz (missionary nurse) lori, Amber, another worker and Heidi.
Heading to the Operating Room to be part of the Caesarean section procedure and to witness another birth..
The Lord is so amazing!

Richard, Mark and (George when he can when he’s not in the lab) have accomplished so much in just 4 days.

Richard walked in to see Amber in bed like this.. Hmmm… lori and Amber and Liz (missionary nurse) doing scenarios of how to teach the Honduras nurses/tech of labor, contractions and monitors

Heidi, Lori and Mark. A evening fellowship with other missionary’s of medical and teachers and their families.